Track Plan

Track Plan
New space, new layout, still HO!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ugh!!! Trying something new!!!

Morning Gang,
Well after supporting Menard's and making sure Home Depot made there quarterly earnings, its time to start a new approach to the bench work! Instead of starting at the outer edges, I'm going to restart and work interior going out, in other words, start on the 'White' area then to the 'Gold' area and so on.
I'm hoping this will get me up and running streetcars sooner rather then later, which it all ready is.
No pictures today, just a new shopping list, an arm full of 1x3s and a sheet of 3/4 AC riped into 12 inch pieces and a sheet of 1 inch foam to deck it with.
This also means I need to get a hold of Andy at Proto87 and purchase the street rail system he has developed.
So hopefully next time I post, I'll have bench work and track work pictures for you.
Remember, we are suppose to be having fun, LOL
Until next time........................