Track Plan

Track Plan
New space, new layout, still HO!

Monday, December 26, 2011


The bench work, yikes that has been nothing but fits for me, starting to wonder if I'm expecting too much.

I did divide it into 4 track sections;
1 C,NS&M yard, that's 4'x12',
2 the three lines main station the gold area
3 the white area C,A&E street rail that's all the "Proto87 Electric Avenue track"
4 the turquoise and orange sides.
Requirement #1; keep it portable, I want it in the sections I described above.
Requirement #2; three levels all coming together in the gold area. I'd like 4" separating the turquoise from the orange and then another 4" separating the orange from the white and the white and gold are at the same levels.
Requirement #3; all cantary and DCC. I want to be able to run at least 6 trolleys at one time, more if possible.

Along with the Proto87 Electric Ave track, I'm going to buy his track making system, the one thing I do need to check with is will the jig do double crossovers, the 5 of them in the 'Gold' area

I guess when its all said and done, this will be my lifetime achievement layout. Every show I've been too I'm all ways amazed at the crowds around the traction models. That is by no means dissing the other layouts but with traction being such a small segment of the hobby, people my age and older are all ways enchanted with trolleys/interubans.

As for portability, I want to have the option to move and show the layout. It may never leave my house but the option is there.

Thats about it for now, hopefully it won't be as long for my next posting as it was between this one and the last one.